About The Authors

Authors Mark Coccio and Liz Parkinson

Liz Parkinson lives with her husband, Aaron and their two children in Victoria, BC Canada. It has always been her dream to write children’s books and Ronnie Rhino made that dream come true. She has always enjoyed telling stories to her own children and these books have allowed her to share her stories with others.

Mark Coccio lives with his wife, Ronda and their two children in Burbank, CA and Jefferson, MA. Mark’s vision of creating a series of children’s books based on the personal development theories he was studying, is what brought Ronnie Rhino to life. He had a passion and desire to create books that his children and his nieces and nephews would enjoy, but also that would entertain and educate other children.

Liz and Mark have been involved in the personal development industry for the past eight years. It is though their own personal development journey, that they realized through collaboration they could develop a series of books that children could benefit from the same message. The Ronnie Rhino series was developed in order to help parents educate their own children in self-esteem, personal responsibility, general good manners and the power of positive behavior. These messages are communicated through entertaining stories children can easily identify with.